Used Camping Gear

Prices and availability vary by item


We cycle out a lot of our large inventory of rental gear at the end of each season, and take in gear via trades and consignments to make it all available as used gear at a great value to our customers.  Come in to see the ever-changing stock at our retail store in Tempe, or call us for more info on what's in stock at the moment.  The great thing about quality outdoor gear is its longevity; enjoy years of life left on used gear bought at great prices.  You can pick up a piece at a very low price and still enjoy many years of functional use.  Some items might have a stitch here or a taped tear there, and many items are in pristine condition.  Typically on hand used inventory includes backpacks, day packs, sleeping bags and pads, tents, cooking gear, plus any number of surprises that come in the door.  

If you have some good quality gear you no longer need and want some cash, or want to upgrade to something better, learn how our consignment and trade process works.  We're always looking to add to our used gear on hand!

used cooking gear for sale

used sleeping gear, tents for sale

used camping gear for sale

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