Hiking and camping is a great entertainment and bonding activity for youth groups, hiking clubs, corporate teams, and other organizations. Lowergear.com offers the following types of partners specialized rental products & expertise:

Car Rental Companies
Lowergear.com manages Auto GPS Rentals and other up-sale accessory rental programs for various national car rental companies.

Church youth groups, Event planners & Team builders
Group and volume discount programs are arranged on a case-by-case basis. We can work with churches, tour guides, corporate meeting departments, training groups - just about anyone you can imagine. To discuss your group's needs, simply contact us. Depending on your group size, we may need extra time to make inventory arrangements, so plan to make your reservations as far ahead as possible.

Outfitters & Guides
We offer discount and "partnering" programs for outfitters and guide services who may not want to deal with the inventory and administrative aspects of handling gear for their customers, or who need occasional supplements to their own rental inventory levels. If you'd rather concentrate on the fun part - leading groups into the woods - then we can handle the gear inventory, cleaning and organization for you! These programs are arranged on a customized basis to meet your specific needs.

Sporting & Camping goods stores
Lowergear.com enables brick and mortar stores to add a virtual rental department to keep up with your competition. If you already have a rental department lowergear.com allows companies to out-source the department, freeing up valuable retail space and allowing you to focus on sales.

Cross Promotional Opportunities

We offer commissions to for-profit companies and relevant non-profit organizations in exchange for promoting our rental services to their members and visitors via their web site, newsletters or other media. The standard arrangement is a percentage of the rental fee (excluding shipping costs or any taxes), or pay-per-click compensation, payable quarterly or more frequently if warranted by volume. We provide a summary of activity from referenced rentals along with the check.

If your site has a "Links" page for which we are a logical addition, please direct the text link to our home page at www.lowergear.com. If applicable, a brief description that works well is "LowerGear rents backpacking, camping and GPS navigation equipment online, shipping to renters anywhere nationwide." We will reciprocate with a link on our site if desired, on our "Friends" page. 

For additional information or answers to your questions, please contact us.  For more on our rnetall operation, see all rentals or here.