Thermarest Mattress Pads


Anyone that has ever camped or backpacked in the past 50 years has probably at one time or another slept on a Thermarest mattress pad.  Available are short, thin pads for the ultralight backpacker to luxurious thick models for glamping, and then everything in between.  Attractive price points for every budget and need.

We've carried their products in our rental fleet and retail shelf for pushing 20 years, and they still lead the industry with innovations - always something to make the pads lighter or more comfortable, or sometimes both.

Some of the Thermarest models we carry at the store and make available for shipping via a quick phone order include:

• NeoAir backpacking pads

• ProLite backpacking pads

• Foam seats

• Z-Lite models

• Base Camp models for car-camping

• Lightweight cots

We also rent Thermarest self-inflating mattress pads.

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