REI is a large successful corporation with a wide variety of outdoor gear for sale at their stores around the US.  Some of their stores offer gear rentals as well, but we want you to know there are viable options to consider before making your final camping gear renting decision with REI or other option.

As one example, there may be smaller local outfitters in your area that offer gear rental services, and while rates are probably similar, unlike at REI there's a good chance the owner will be on-site at those local stores and may be able to offer better personalized advice.

If you prefer the convenience of shopping at home, we'd like to introduce ourselves as yet another option instead of renting from REI or another local retailer.  We've been renting camping and backpacking gear to tens of thousands of customers for many years, and while not in the same galaxy in size to REI, we actually have some advantages to consider:

• REI has a lot of stores, but only in selected areas.  We serve every city in the US.

• Renting camping gear is our main business; REI's main business is selling, not renting.

• We ship right to your home or your destination area instead of you having to drive across town to get to REI.

• We can serve hundreds of campers at once; REI generally only serves small groups.

• At REI, you can rent the basics like a backpack and sleeping bag, but they want to sell you everything else you need.  We have more than 70 outdoor gear items available to rent - pretty much anything you'd ever need for any type of backpacking or camping trip.

• We rent GPS units, SPOT and InReach Satellite Communicators; the REI rental department does not carry that type of product for rent.

• We offer informational videos on virtually every product we rent; you're more on your own when renting from REI.

• We wash our sleeping bags after every rental; you'd have to ask REI about their policy.

We're here to earn your business with great service at a competitive rate.  We understand you have a choice, so compare what we can do for you with your other options, and just let us know if we can help you out on your next wilderness trip!