Spenco Hiking Shoe Inserts for sale

Keep your feet happy on long trips. See full product details below.


Right behind in importance to your hiking shoes is the insert that goes inside.  While you might get a few hundred good miles out of your shoe, you should replace the inserts 2 or 3 times in the interim.  We know that few actually do that, but it is what you SHOULD do.

There are a few exceptions, but many shoe brand inserts are flimsy and a weak link in the shoe's support.  Nearly any after-market shoe insert is better (more support and comfort over long distances) than the ones that come with the show when new.

We like the Spenco brand for shoe inserts, as they are comfortable right out of the box and have a good life span.  A good insert helps you stay aligned all the way up, and reduces stress on the knees and hips, areas that are particularly sensitive to the rigors of backpacking.  Don't forget a great pair of hiking socks to really add comfort to your hike.

Inserts are packaged like shoes, based on size.  Select the insert/shoe size you need with the dropdown selector

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