Bandanas for Outdoor Adventures for sale

Lots of good uses for a bandana while backpacking. See full product details below.


The bandana has been used for a really long time for a lot of good uses, and its potential applications in the wilderness on backpack and camping trips is only limited by your imagination.  Some immediately practical ones include:

Lightweight wash cloth - dries really quick with just a little wind or sun

Head cover - keep that scalp and forehead from getting red and shiny

Filter - attach to your water filter input line to keep the larger gunk out

Cooking - instant oven mitt

Wound care - wrap up a serious cut to protect it until you exit your trip

Drying - use it like a towel

Don't get lost - one of your choices is a bandana featuring topo maps for popular hiking areas

There's more of course, but you get the idea - a handy tool to add to your rental outdoor kit.  These are good sized, flexible use cotton fabric at approximately 20" x 20".  The topo versions are about $5 more than the standard.  The colors on the standards will vary; either red or blue as available.

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