So in May 1959 a guy named Leland Mast, who fancied himself a good ad salesman, plopped down a few bucks with the folks at the Delaware Department of Corporations and created what eventually became Mast Advertising and Publishing, Inc.  Far away, in a small town in Kentucky, yours truly was still trying to learn how to tie a shoe around that time.

To condense the many decades since faster than a Game of Thrones episode, these divergent arcs crossed paths in Tennessee when both the corporation and I were in the yellow page business (yes, that used to be a big thing) and I ended up buying the then-40-year old marketing company.

We got out of print publishing just in time and stuck our toes in this new internet thing in the late 90's.  Couple a love of the outdoors and wanting to get a tax write-off for some backpacking trips, we developed our first camping gear rental web site in 2002.  I was somewhat shocked when I got the first email for an order about an hour after we went live.  So now what do we do?

Well, we figured it out about 80,000 renters ago, making us pretty darn qualified to get you and your family out for camping next weekend, or outfit your manly group for some gnarly backpacking trip.  Whether you're a grizzled wilderness veteran or taking your first hiking steps, we're here to help you every step of the way - just as our company has done now in one form or another for more than 60 years.  And we invite you to reach out to us to perhaps become, I don't know, our 80,001st rental customer. . .  

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