Our short-hand rental policy is largely this: enjoy our gear; don't destroy it while using it; return it within the agreed time; and we'll just charge you what we said we would. The long-hand version follows. If you are just buying some gear with no rental, not much of this applies.

GEAR AVAILABILITY. At certain times, inventory may not be available for your desired Start Date. You will be contacted as soon as possible if your Order cannot be fulfilled due to prior inventory commitments or a prior renter didn't return something on time as we expected. We'll work something out.

CANCELLATIONS.In most cases - large orders we had to set aside for you may be excluded - if you cancel your order with a confirmed email more than two weeks ahead of the scheduled shipping date, no fees will be charged. Later cancellations may result in a $25.00 processing fee charged to your card, since we went to the trouble of setting the gear aside and could not rent it to someone else. Cancellation of an order is not an option once the gear has been shipped - we're all in at that point.

START DATE. The starting date submitted with your rental order should be one that gives you some time before your departure. While we try to get the gear to you at least one day before your Start Date if timely ordered, we only guarantee delivery by the end of the day of the Start Date. If you need gear early in the day, be sure to use at least the day before as your Start Date. For orders requiring shipment, the Start Date must be a non-holiday weekday (Ground deliveries on holidays and weekends are not reliable).  Local pickups at our store in Tempe can be any day we're open, including weekends.

DROP-OFF DATE. The date the gear must be re-boxed, taped well and dropped off for shipment at the relevant carrier's manned counter such as a retail mailing center or the carrier's terminal. Your Drop-off Date depends on your selected rental term. If you keep the gear beyond the initial agreed time, then you may owe additional rent. For example:

WEEKEND/3-DAY RENTAL: Examples - for rental gear with a Friday "Start Date", Monday would be your "Drop-Off Date". A Tuesday Start Date would have a Friday Drop-Off Date.

7/14/21 DAY RENTALS: Your Drop-Off Date will be on the same day of the week as your Start Date, 1, 2, or 3 weeks later.

One month rental:
Your Drop-Off Date will be on the same calendar day of the next month, unless that falls on a weekend, in which case the Drop-Off Date will be by the following Monday.

DEPOSITS. No deposit is charged on most shipments, but one in the amount of the gear replacement cost may be reserved against your credit card limit as a pre-authorization under some circumstances. If done, it will be released upon return of the gear in the same condition as when delivered, normal wear and tear excepted. Any costs or losses that exceed the deposit amount will be charged to your credit card.

SHIPPING. The shipping calculated by the shopping cart is based on Ground shipping from Arizona to and/or from your designated point of delivery. If expedited shipping is required to meet your Start Date, we will contact you for approval for the added costs. A prepaid return shipping label will be in the box with the gear delivered to you if 2-way shipping is requested at checkout.

Shipments refused for other than late delivery will be processed as a completed rental transaction, with the full rental fees assessed to the renter. So you might as well go camping. If you have us ship to someone else, and they lose it or you can't get to it (hotel stashed it away; closed business,etc), it's not our fault.  If you give us a bad or inadequate address, and our carrier cannot make the delivery to meet your Start Date, that's not our fault either.  Key point here is to double check your delivery address!

We otherwise guarantee delivery by the end of day of your Start Date, but every effort is made to deliver the gear to your designated address by the day before. Occasionally there are weather delays, or the carrier screws up. We try to find a solution if that happens, but our liability is limited to the prorated rent related to the delay. Any requested next-day delivery service is at your risk; ask us for details. 

LATE CHARGES. If you do not deliver the gear for return shipment by your required Drop-Off Date, the rental term will be extended and the rental fee may be increased by the daily rate for Weekend Rentals. We don't charge by the hour late like a car rental or hotel might, but don't expect a free ride if you're a week late.

LOSS/THEFT/NON-RETURN. You are responsible for the gear at all times between delivery and return to our facility.  You can add insurance with the carrier if you are concerned about it making it back to us.  Failure to return rented property under the terms of this agreement may subject you to criminal prosecution in most states.

CLEANING.  We clean everything when it gets back, but you must return the gear to us at least free of mud and heavy dirt. The gear must be dry before shipping to us to avoid mildew or mold which can zap the gear by the time it is returned.  You must clean pots and pans before returning.

DAMAGES. Our rental rate assumes a limited amount of wear which may occur with a rental use. However, rips, tears, excessive dirt or stains, mildew, or missing parts noted upon return will result in additional charges against your credit card for repair or replacement.

LIABILITY. You recognize and acknowledge that outdoor activities such as hiking and cooking with fire can be inherently dangerous and unpredictable. We are not responsible for any accidents that may arise from your activity or use of our gear, and you hereby agree to indemnify us from any claims, charges or costs arising from your use of our gear or any related activities. We don't have any money anyway.

While we will provide you gear as described in our product descriptions, we do not expressly or otherwise guarantee or warrant the gear for any specific performance or purpose other than as it is described. If any item of gear malfunctions or otherwise fails to perform its described functions, our maximum liability to you is the rental value paid for the item. If it rains or you get too cold, remember we don't control the weather.

VENUE. Any judicial actions arising from our rental of gear to you will be held in the appropriate court in Maricopa County, Arizona.

  1. he intentionally refuses to return personal property valued in excess of one hundred dollars to the owner pursuant to the terms of the rental agreement provided that the owner shall have made a written demand for the return of such personal property in person or by certified mail at an address indicated in the rental agreement and he intentionally refuses to return such personal property for a period of thirty days after such demand has been received or should reasonably have been received by him. Such written demand shall state: (i) the date and time at which the personal property was to have been returned under the rental agreement; (ii) that the owner does not consent to the continued withholding or retaining of such personal property and demands its return; and (iii) that the continued withholding or retaining of the property may constitute a class A misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to one thousand dollars or by a sentence to a term of imprisonment for a period of up to one year or by both such fine and imprisonment.