We've been selling Hobie kayaks in the Phoenix area since 2012, and they are still our biggest seller by far.  Hobie is a premium brand, and while justified, their models start at a price point that may not match everyone's budget.    Now we have found a new model from a long-established brand  that offers pedal-drive propulsion at a paddle-operated price - the Riot Kayaks with their "Impulse" pedal drive system start at a remarkable low price of $999!  

We carry 3 models, the Riot Mako 10 the Riot Mako 12, and the Riot Mako 14.  All three are super-lightweight at about  60 to 65 pounds, yet super-stable with a rated carrying capacity of 470 to 550 pounds - light enough for the petite to load on a car and stable enough for a big dude and a lot of gear.

As with everything in life, there are reasons  one thing is more expensive than another, and so there are legit reasons and added features that make the Hobies more expensive.  But those features may not be important to you for your intended use, and the Riots will be perfectly fine.  We find them a great value and worthy of consideration by any kayaker looking for the most bang for their hard-earned dollar.  Watch the video below by the store owner for more info, or stop by our kayaks sales and rental store in Tempe for an in-person walk-through.