Some of the apparel and personal wear lines we carry at our store include:

•  Oboz - popular low and mid hiking shoes
•  Treksta - more hiking shoe options
•  Fits - great hiking socks
•  Darn Tough - great hiking socks too
•  Frogg Toggs - rain suits and ponchos
•  Huk - fishing and hiking high-SPF shirts and caps
•  Sunday Afternoons - great sun hats

Plus - bandanas, sunglasses, water shoes, and more!

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  • Footwear
    We stock men and women's hiking and backpacking shoes in low-cut and mid-height styles, as well as high quality merino wool hiking socks in quarter and crew lengths.  And we're good at making sure you have a great fit!

    Brands available in store include Oboz, Treksta, Fits, Darn Tough and more.
  • Layers
    We'll be honest and state upfront we're not exactly a fashion shop.  Our focus is for the technical, hard goods side of outdoor gear like packs, kayaks, tents and supplies, but we do carry some basic apparel for getting you out there, and not be naked.  For the torso, we have SPF shirts from Huk, T-shirts with great graphics from Wild Tribute, rain gear and under separate categories from this one, footwear and headwear.  And we never know what kind of apparel might come in the door to our used gear department.  Stop by and check it out!
  • Headwear
    There aren't many pieces of gear that are more important for Arizona outdoor activities than a good hat for the noggin.  Whether a simple trucker cap or something that looks like it came off the set of "Lawrence of Arabia", it's imperative to block some of the burning sun rays.  You will never look greatly stylish with a great sun hat, but it beats melanoma. 

    We have full-neck-coverage hats from Sunday Afternoons, wide-brimmed hats from Hobie and Alchimi, Tilley hats, boonies, trucker caps and more.
  • Accessories
    Finish off what you need for a day outdoors with some of our apparel accessories and supplies.  We have the best $20 sunglasses you'll ever find - polarized, comfortable, and most importantly, and at just twenty bucks you won't cry if you step on them and mangle the lens.  Find a wide range of the awesome,  but unheralded functionality of the bandana.  Great for cooling around the neck, a do-rag, or just to hide backpacking hair.  Lots of cool designs. Slip a personal quick-drying camp towel from PackTowl from into your day or overnight pack to get the outdoor day off of you before retiring for the night.
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items
Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items


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