Frogg Togg Ponchos for Backpacking

Super lightweight, but inexpensive, and breathable waterproof -a rare combination. See full product details below.


Frogg Toggs is an unusual brand name but its products are renowned in the rainy southeast, where is I first ran into a guy wearing a rain suit I'd never seen before.  They are focused on one thing, and they do it well - keep you dry in the outdoors.

The brand includes full rain suits and weather-resistant outfits for motorcyclists, but for backpacking, their packable poncho is hard to beat as a multi-purpose personal shelter against wind and rain - and at a low price!  Check out reviews online and it's always more than 4 out of 5 stars.

This poncho is big enough to go over a good-sized backpacker and a decent-size pack, so it can keep you and your pack dry at the same time.  It can also be used as a makeshift tarp if needed.  This type of raingear makes nearly any experienced outdoorsman's must-have top 10 list on a backpacking trip.

All Frogg Toggs rain gear is breathable, so unlike the real cheap ponchos, you won't sweat to death while trekking along with one of these on.

One size fits all, one great low price!  The colors we keep on hand are either a forest green or khaki; we'll send what we have on hand at the time of shipping.

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