plastic welding kayaks

We do all kinds of repairs and installation work for both plastic and inflatable kayaks at our shop in Tempe.  Whether your boat just needs a tuneup for the season, or it fell off the top of your car on the freeway, or you want to add an electric motor, our experienced technicians can help.  Want to do it yourself? We carry a full line of common replacement parts and accessories for kayaks.

A few of the services we routinely perform include:

• Adjustment of and parts replacement in pedal drives
• Kayak steering line replacement
• Tankwell and hatch bungee cord replacement
• Plastic hull welding for cracks and holes
• Dent removal
• Fill in scratches and gouges
• Patching holes in inflatables
• Install lights and panels
• Electric motor installation
• Cleaning and detailing
• Seat repairs and replacements

A few things to consider on repairs - 

Repairs to plastic or inflatables aren't as smooth as you might be used to for vehicle body work, for example.  There will be a substantial "scar" wherever a repair is made (it will add some character to your kayak).

Save yourself some money by trying to find any leak in your inflatable on your own with the "soapy water" test; no point paying us to do that step 1.  Once identified, inflatable repairs can be quick and simple, or can take many hours to find the underlying leak just to ultimately determine it cannot be fixed.  Leaks in seams are sometimes particularly hard to fix, for example, and depending on the value of the kayak, may or may not be worth trying.  We'd discuss all that with you before we start.

We suggest a preliminary discussion on your repair needs before you bring it in.  We may be able to do a quick evaluation for your consideration over the phone (480-348-8917, or here at the store on the SW corner of uiversity and the 101 in Tempe before unloading the kayak and before you decide whether to proceed.  While some repairs and installations can be done while you wait, it may entail 2 trips - one to bring it in and one to come back for the kayak once we're done.  

pedal drive tuneups

inflatable kayak repairs

kayak lighting installation