Some of you may suspect we just sat around one day and made all of these up. But the reality is, the notes that follow just came in to us, unsolicited and uncompensated, from LowerGear customers from all over the world. If edited at all, it's only for length and/or identification privacy of the customer. The point is, our company has been in business a long time - since 1959 - and that wouldn't have happened unless we really tried hard to please every last customer.  Alas, we're not always perfect, so if your experience with us doesn't match the satisfaction level of these customers, please call me - the "Dallas" in the notes below - and let me know what went wrong. Contact us here. You can also praise or condemn us on our Facebook page.

Hi Dallas,
Glad everything got back to you. I think your service is outstanding and I couldn't be more satisfied. I Just wish I had found your site before I bought much of my gear! Our trip was awesome. The most incredible time of my life. We took a great pic of us a Guitar Lake , hope it's great anyway since it Isn't back yet. I'll email you a copy - Thanks again for such personal, efficient and friendly service.


Hey I wanted to let you know that our scavenger hunt, using your Garmin Etrex, was one of the best scavenger hunts I have ever done in my 13 years as a youth minister. The students loved the concept and it worked well. There were some groups that had two vehicles so they would take turns using the devices but they said that was just as fun. Thank you for getting them to us so promptly, giving us plenty of time to get around town and place the waypoints.

There is no doubt that we will get with you again and do this for the same event. We have had probably 20+ youth ministers call us and ask us how it went, making us the guinea pigs of the GPS hunt, and we have raved about its success and how great it was to work with you and Lower Gear. We have passed on your information to them so hopefully you will get more calls wanting to rent your devices. Thank you Dallas! It was a pleasure to work with you and Lower Gear and definitely will NOT be the last time.
CJ Malott (Minister to Students,
First Baptist Church)

The five E-trex GPS units with manuals and cable are shipping back to you tomorrow morning. Our GPS event came off very well yesterday and all participants were quite pleased. It was basically a boy scout/girl scout event with most new to using GPS. Thanks for setting me up with these, and also thanks for sending the cable, it made the unit preparation so much easier. I did have a number of the adults ask where we rented the GPS units and have passed your info on. Again, thanks!

It was so easy!! I loved it. Trust me, when I travel I will be in contact with you to rent again. Thank you,
David Root

Thank you, Dallas!
You provided superb service and support! I did have unexpected weather conditions... Lots of rain, wind, frost... And because of your recommendations and great quality gear, I was fully prepared to endure my solo Vision Quest experience :-) All the best!

It worked fantastic. I don't know if we would have found our destination without it. It kept telling us to make a legal U turn and go back. We thought we were right and not the other voice in the van, how could he know? I saved your card for future trips. What a great business to offer. Thanks again,

You have fabulous customer service and communication. Thank you for acknowledging receipt of the GPS and forgiving on the broken mount. It would be nice if it could just be stuck to the dash. I'll be recommending you to my friends. Thanks again,

Hi Dallas,
The GPS unit worked great. I sent it off UPS yesterday. If we ever need another unit, we will rent from you. Thanks so much.

Everything worked out well. Your service was as advertised and I'll recommend you to my friends for their rental needs. Hopefully, I can use you again next year. Thanks,

Hey Dallas,
Here's a few photos of our trip to Mt. Jefferson in central Oregon. We used the E-trex GPS unit, and it was a total lifesaver. Thanks for providing a great service.

Hi Dallas,
Thank you again for your help - the timeliness, service, ease of return, and GPS unit were all great! Have a great week,

We were very happy with "Maggie" ( nick name for the GPS), she brought us safely everywhere we went. The service was super and I am recommending you to my travel agent. I will book Maggie again for my next trip to the US. Thanks again. Sincerely,

All worked out very well. The units were easy to use and we had a great time with them. Thanks for being one of the few places that rent these great little devices! We had a blast! We were extremely satisfied.

Wanted to write and let you know that we had a terrific backpacking trip. The quality time with my kids was terrific, and not having to worry about the equipment made it all the more enjoyable. Your box full of rental stuff arrived on time, as expected, and I was happy to discover the high level of quality of the equipment you provided. We rented backpacks, sleeping bags and mattresses, a tent, and various miscellaneous camping accessories. All were in terrific condition, and the kids' backpacks were brand new with the tags still on. Some of the accessories were also brand new. Everything fit and performed well (although I should have rented a larger backpack considering that the 4-person tent I carried took up most of the interior of my pack). My 12- and 9-year old kids performed admirably, climbing a steep 1000 foot ascent on the second day. They now qualify for a true 3-4 day adventure next year. You'll be hearing from us.

I think all the equipment was returned to you in good condition, with just some minor wear and tear. I mailed it last Thursday, so you should be getting it soon, if not already.
Attached are four pictures taken during our trip. The first is of the three of us at the Parker Lake trailhead, the following two are of the campsite with your equipment, and the last is of our first glance of Silver Lake, CA, our destination, as we passed over the ridge.

Again, I appreciate the high level of service you provide, as well as the high quality of the equipment you rent out. Your business model fit my needs perfectly, as I live in Illinois and backpacked in California.
I didn't have to worry about getting all the equipment out there and back. My kids will outgrow anything I purchase now, so it makes sense to rent their packs for at least the next 7-8 years. And by then, my 3-year old will be ready to join us! Until next year, my sincere thanks,
Todd, IL

Everything was great, thanks for your excellent service. It did get down around 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the mountains above 14,000 feet, but with a couple of layers on I didn't have any trouble staying warm. The shots I took of myself in the sleeping bag didn't come out, but I attached a couple of photos I liked that have a tent in the background- you're welcome to use them on the site if you have a use/need for them. Thanks again!

Hi Dallas,
I just wanted to let you know that I think you're providing an awesome service. We had a great time in the Cirque of the Towers in the Wind River area of Wyoming. We climbed the south face of Pingora Peak (11,884 ft)--an excellent 5.6 climb. Pingora is the prominent peak in the foreground. Thanks again for you service.

Hello Dallas...
The gear worked out great. We had a good trip and have some pictures we will send you when I get a copy. I hope some of the pictures show us with your gear, but I wasn't the photographer, so am not sure. My son really liked the Kelty Shadow pack and I was very happy with the Satori, so we will be requesting the same packs for our Philmont trip in July, if possible. The sleeping bag was great also, very light. It was very warm and humid so I didn't really use it, but tried it out when I was at home and we'd like to rent two, if you have them, for the July trip. I'll try and get our July gear order firmed up by Wednesday this week. Thanks again...will be in touch about the July trip this week Terry

My GPS came in right on time. We had a great time on our vacation and I don't know how to thank you enough for the support that you have rendered us. I would love doing business with you again in the near future and I will recommend you to all my friends & relatives that will need your services. It's a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks!

First of all I would like to thank you for your company's excellent service & support. I really appreciate the quick response time and all the help you have offered over phone & email. I will definitely recommend your company's services to my friends & colleagues.

Hi Dallas,
Just wanted to drop a line now that I'm back from the road trip from Florida to Los Angeles. The GPS unit was absolutely a lifesaver and I wouldn't ever go on a trip like that in the future without one. The unit arrived a few days early, which was great so I could learn how to use it and input some waypoints before actually heading out. Anyway, thank you so much for all your help with the GPS unit. I really appreciate the time and attention into setting this up for us so it went without a hitch! I'll definitely be a repeat customer. Best Regards,
Charles, CA

I just wanted to say thank you for the use of the GPS system, and for all your help. I don't know what i would have done without it! Just been lost all the time I guess! Thank you for being there every time I needed you! You and your system were great! Thanks so much.
Lisa, NC

Thank you so much ~ you enhanced my trip tremendously ~ Don't know how I ever drove without it. You offer a great service and customer support beyond belief. Thank You,
Sammy, NJ

Thanks a lot for the good service - everything was as promised - service, delivery and product itself. Next time I need this kind of service, I will certainly contact you. Thanks and BR,

Good Morning,
The GPS unit is on its way back to you, it worked perfect. The entire operation from first inquiring, to ordering and the return policy has been a first class operation. A job well done. Will definitely recommend You. We had a super time down in KY. Met nice people and will being going back again. Sincerely,

had a wonderful hiking trip; returned yesterday late evening. The packs you gave us were IDEAL and worked well. Many thanks for your recommendations. I'm attaching 3 photos of my son that I took that shows off your equipment. Regards,

Aloha Dallas!
Thanks for the email - the trip was great and the GPS and support equipment (and information) was fabulous. I will definitely let you know the next time I go on a trip as the unit was a life saver! Thanks again for all of your help!!!

I enjoy camping, but don't get a chance to do it very often, so don't have my own gear. I was very skeptical when I went online to see if there was anywhere that rented gear and was overjoyed to find your site. It's clear and well-laid out and you had exactly what we needed, plus tons of information we had been looking for. I will definitely use your site again (and perhaps knowing it exists will encourage me to visit the great outdoors more often). Best Regards,

Great! Really enjoyed it and it worked great. I have recommended your service to many people. Thanks again.

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! It was wonderful. The silly things that went wrong were my fault. What do you expect from a 54 year old woman? Ha Ha Seriously, I have told my friends about you and the wonderful business transaction I have had with you. I have your card. Will be coming back.!!! Thanks again,
Brenda, MD

Thanks for the email. I had an excellent experience with your equipment and dealing with your company. I recently placed another rental order, as you may recall, for my trip in August to North Carolina. Thanks again,

Just wanted to drop you a line letting you know how fantastic your GPS unit worked. Saved up countless u-turns. I just sent your unit back thru the UPS store. They will pick it up today. Looking forward to doing business with you again. Sincerely,
Mike & Gail

Thanks again for a great experience. The equipment was wonderful and in great condition; it got to us on time and was easy to set up; and it was easy to return to you. It absolutely poured for a full day while we were camping and all of us stayed bone dry in the tents. I'd definitely use your service again and will recommend it to friends.

Just wanted to say the GPS (Isabelle as we called her) worked great. Thanks for your amazing service.

Thanks for everything. The GPS unit worked perfectly. We even found it knew better then us in some cases. I don't know how we would have made the long trip without it. Thanks again.

Thank you so much! We truly loved using the GPS and will no doubt order from you again! The process was so simple, and the equipment worked great! You ensured we had it in time for our trip! It was so nice to be able to just rent the GPS for $94 as opposed to renting the car for a week at $300. We appreciate what you offer and will definitely tell others about your service!

It was an awesome event and the gear supplied was perfect, high quality, excellent condition and the right mix. I will be running the program again in late October and then six times next year. At some point I'd like to talk about setting that up with you as sort of a package deal if you are interested. Thanks again for the outstanding service and if you need any references, I'd be happy to share my experience. Tom

Hi Dallas,
I dropped off the GPS today in UPS. It was great for the trip, and it worked perfectly.. Thank you very much for everything. Thanks,

Hi Dallas,
The GPS worked out great. I will definitely use your services in the future and will recommend you to everyone I know. Thanks again, Michelle

HI Dallas,
Just wanted to send you a few pictures from our trip to the Porcupine Mountains in the U.P. of Michigan. I kept forgetting so here we go! I'm the one in the group pic second from the left without the matching pack... Look closely at picture 0495...a couple of your tents are in the woods.. Thanks for the help,