We can ship just about any kayak we have at our store to any customer nationwide.  If your area isn't adequately served by a local dealer of any brand we carry, we ship via Estes Freight to one of their many terminals conveniently located in every state. Often the shipping cost isn't much more than what the sales tax would be if purchased locally.  We know all about the stories of kayaks being damaged en route, but by us shipping to a terminal and you picking up there, we avoid the "last-mile" transfers and delivery where damages often occur.  And the shipping is a lot less - picking up at a terminal instead of having a large package shipped direct to your home can often save around $100.

Shipping most kayaks will generally cost at least $200 each, and up to as much as $400 for larger kayaks going long distances.  The actual amount will show at checkout, or give us a call for a quote.   Estes Freight will have a terminal within an hour's drive of most customers in the US. Find a terminal for your kayak shipment here.  Once we ship, delivery transit times are usually only 2 to 5 business days.

We prepare each kayak for shipment as if we were sending it to ourselves - very carefully and with several layers of padding, cardboard, shrink wrap and plastic.  We will send you the tracking number and encourage our customers to pick up the kayak as soon as possible after it arrives at the terminal.

shipping new kayaks from our warehouse

Estes Freight kayak shipping