My name is Dallas Shewmaker. I live in Phoenix Arizona. Here's my story if interested. As the owner of this site, if something goes wrong on our end, I'm responsible for it! Yell at me if needed, and if we're not perfect on occasion, it might be needed. Now... the fact that I'm willing to tell the world who I am, and where I live, means in part that it's rare that anything goes wrong. So I have no problem offering my personal guarantees:

  • If you call with a question, a live, friendly person - often me - will either answer the phone or will gladly call you back as soon as possible if you leave a message. Same goes if you send us an email.

  • Before you order, you can contact us with any question or concern. If you are a beginner, we're glad to help, without being condescending. To us, there is no such thing as a stupid question.

  • Our camping gear will be free of musky smells, excess dirt, or material rips or tears. There might be a pinhole we miss on occasion, depending on how much my college-boy help had to drink the night before.  

  • Our sleeping bags are washed between every use; they'll be cleaner than the bed covers at any fancy resort in nearby Scottsdale.

  • If we ship something to a valid address you gave us, and it does not arrive in time for you to use it, you will not be charged anything.

  • If something we send you does not work the way it is intended to work, and we were unable to walk you thru a solution after contacting us, we will credit you for the time it was unusable.

  • In general, if we screw up, we'll take care of it.

We're wonderful, but here's some things we don't cover:

    • If it rains cats and dogs; you get sick; you get lost; you manage to blow yourself up with a perfectly good stove - sorry, that's part of the adventure of the great outdoors.

    • If you rent a GPS or other technical gadget, and can't get it to operate correctly due to operator error, again, we're sorry. Should have re-read a manual or called in with your question. If there is anything wrong with the hardware or software though, we will credit time for that problem.

    • If raccoons, your dog, or your kid eats or tears up a tent - (it's happened) - you've probably bought yourself a tent, so watch the kids.

For more information, see our Rental Policies, How This Works and Shipping Policies. Or if you prefer click here to contact me personally. You can also give us a shout on our Facebook page.