At our retail store in Tempe (480-348-8917) we buy, sell and trade new and used backpacking and camping gear and kayaks.  We are authorized dealers for many well known camping and kayak brands, but sell and trade used gear from any brand or model.  

Here are some key points to take into consideration if you are in the market for great values in used gear, or wishing to get rid of some gear you already own:

1) It's probably obvious, but you will nearly always realize more proceeds if you sell something yourself, direct to another end user.  We cannot pay you full market-value for your gear as we are taking on the risk of selling, storage and display costs, and other selling fees,  On the other hand, if you sell to or through us, you don't have to deal with tire-kickers and scammers you might run into when trying to sell something yourself.  You decide.  

2) Most of the used gear we offer is sold at 40-60% of retail.  Some items will fall on either side of that range depending on demand and condition.

3)  In most cases, the sales price we get for gear left with us on consignment is split 65% to you and 35% we earn as our "commission".  Or we'll give you 80% back if used as store credit for any other new, used or rental.  It varies some with higher priced items.  See a template of our consignment agreement.

4) If we buy gear straight-up for cash, maybe expect 20-40% of retail for camping and backpacking gear, depending on quantity, brand, age and condition.  Payments for used kayaks will typically be higher than that. Also, if your item is traded in on another item at our store, expect more value for your original item than if we are paying cash.  

5) Things we ARE looking for purchase, consignment or trade:
Backpacking tents
Down-filled sleeping bags
Brand name sleeping pads
Thule/Yakima cartop gear
Camp cookware
Kayaks and accessories
Handheld trail navigation GPS units

6) Things we ARE NOT looking for, but still buy on occasion:
Synthetic fill sleeping bags
Car-camping/family style tents
WalMart or other low-priced house brand gear
Team sport, golfing or exercise gear
Footwear or apparel
Gear needing functional repairs

Feel free to call us or stop by to see if we have what you are looking for, or if we might be an outlet for your no-longer-needed items.  We're open 7 days a week on the SW corner of University and the 101 in Tempe.