Camping Tents


We don't try to sell the mass-produced, barely-get-what-you-pay-for tents that might work for one night.  We leave that to the big box stores.  But not everyone is looking for the smaller backpacking tents we carry, so we sell classic, good quality car-camping tents for everything from the family of 4 at the nearby state park, to music festivals and or large corporate retreats. We also rent a lot of car-camping tents and other gear

We have in stock basic supplies for the weekend at the campground, and sell a few different sizes (from 2- 6 person) of family and group camping tents, such as:

New and used Alps Mountaineering Meramac tents

Used Marmot Halo Tents

Consignment tents for groups 

Used Sierra Designs Family Camping Tents

Canvas Bell Tents for weddings and festivals, etc

Stop by our store on the SW corner of University and the 101 in Tempe, or call anytime to 480-348-8917 for more details or to see what's on hand.

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