Whether you are renting from us or buying elsewhere, selection of the right gear is always an important decision. Fit, strength, size, weight, length of trip, weather, hiking experience and destination are all important considerations when selecting the gear that's best for you. And, duh, it also helps to know how to use everything you're carrying. We've got all the info you need to be well prepared.

Hover over the 'learn' menu item above to see a few of the many articles we have online to find information on may outdoor topics of interest, as well how our rental process works.  We get a lot of calls wanting to know what gear a new camper should take with them - so get a head start by checking out tthat page or this one covers similar information on selecting our rental gear, and we even get into what to take for supper.  Or watch one of our dozens of videos about our gear and its use while camping and backpacking. 

For gear usage and maintenance instructions we have included links to manuals, instructions and specs for most of the equipment we make available for rent. User guides and how-to videos are also linked near each product description/rent rate page. Review, watch and print as needed.

For some third-party user reviews of this and other gear we rent and sell, visit our backpacking and camping user gear review page.We get a lot of questions at our store about good places to hike in the Phoenix area, so check out our top 10 recommended hiking areas.

We put some information together to help make the trails a more courteous atmosphere. See and take heed what we have to say about trail etiquette!

You can pick up rental gear and supplies at our outdoor retail store (open 363 days a year), or learn how we ship the camping gear you rent to your home or destination.   We also have kayaks at our two retail store locations and we ship kayaks around the country as well.