More Gear Rental Categories
In addition to the main gear rental products like tents, packs and sleeping gear, we rents dozens of more outdoor and travel items to meet just about any camping or backpacking trip need.  Find what you need within the categories below, or just give us a call for assistance at 480-348-8917.

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  • Backpack Hydration Gear

    Management of water for drinking is of utmost importance while you're out in the backcountry. You can't - or shouldn't - drink right from the source in most places, and sources may be far apart. So you need to be prepared to treat the water you find and efficiently carry water with you to stay well hydrated on the trail.

    We have all the hydration gear needed to meet backcountry demands. Check out our water treatment options and water containers below. Read the product descriptions for full details on each item, and check out the product videos.

    See our advice pages for more information on hydration and water treatment options or just give us a call for our suggestions.

  • Camp Lights and Lanterns

    When out on the trail, you can't just flip on a light switch, and the traditional flashlight can be too heavy and cumbersome to pack along. So we offer a hands-free headlamp and a small battery operated camp lantern as lighting options.

    Don't be caught in the dark trying to make your way along a precarious trail, or trying to set up camp by feel. At a minimum take along the headlamp - only a few ounces but very practical and reliable.  We make sure the lights work before we ship, but have no idea on the remaining battery life - always take extra batteries!

  • GPS & Satellite Devices
    We rent a variety of GPS satellite navigation and communication devices for road and trail travel throughout the world.  Satellite communicators like SPOT and InReach allow you to stay in touch when way off the grid.  Handheld GPS units help you find your way on the trail, help narrow down the location of a property line, or have fun on a geocaching hunt.  Our road GPS units are helpful standalone units for travel in Europe, easier to use than your phone screen.
  • Backcountry Safety Gear

    Traipsing around in the backcountry can be fun and relaxing, but things can go wrong sometimes. You can have a bite taken out of you by anything from a mosquito to a bear, you can get lost, and if you drink some bad water, you will have had better days. So be prepared. Gear here can keep you upright on a slick trail, always a good thing.  We've lumped together some gear and supplies you ought to consider, depending on where you're headed and what kind of trip you have planned. See more information on what to take or feel free to give us a call for pointers.

  • All The Other Camping Stuff

    Once you've chosen the biggies - your backpack, tents, cooking/hydration equipment and sleeping bags - here's some of the accessories that can make or break your comfort and safety on the trail.

    This is also the stuff you probably won't find for rent at your local retailer and often uniquely available from us. We offer the entire spectrum of gear you need for a pleasant backpacking or camping trip at very economical and practical rates.

    Going into bear country? We've got you covered. Need a first aid kit and bug repellents? Check. How about a GPS and compass to stay on track? That's right, get it here, folks.

    Browse around, learn what each piece of gear can do for you, and add to your basics.

  • Camping Accessories & Supplies

    "Accessories and Supplies" does cover a lot of territory, but there is a lot more to a comfortable and successful camping trip than just the basics - backpack, tents, sleeping bags, etc - that doesn't neatly fit into some other category.

    While you can rent as many items as practical, some items are consumables and just need to be purchased instead.  Find food, soap, first aid and the like here.   There's even a broader selection under our general camping supplies, or you can pickup anything at our outdoor retail store in Tempe if your travels have you close.  

    Browse around, see which items make sense for your trip, and add it to your order to make sure you have everything you need. To learn more about what all you should take with you on a trip, see this helpful article or call us anytime. We'll be glad to help!

  • Climbing Gear
    We rent climbing and bouldering crash pads for local pickup from our retail store in Tempe.  Other climbing gear and accessories are available for purchase at the store.
  • Winter Camping Gear

    We're busy bees during the summer, which means that's when all the crowds hit the popular places.  If you want more solitude, consider a winter adventure trip.  Precautions are required, but no more than a desert trip in the middle of summer here in Arizona - just more clothes.  We rent those items you may not have frequent need for - ice axes, snowshoes, 4-season tents and more.  Browse the gear below and let us know if you have any questions.

  • Fishing Gear
    Yes, there's great fishing in the desert, so if you are in town visiting and left your gear at home - we're here to bail you out.  We rent the gear you need for chasing bass at the lakes near Phoenix, or we can help if you want to try your hand at trout in the mountains in the northern part of the state or elsewhere.  We rent rods, reels and tackle packages for both species at a reasonable price from our store in Tempe.  The Tenkara fly rods and packages we rent are neatly compact and can be shipped to you anywhere in the US, just as we do the many other camping and backpacking gear items we carry.
  • Light Weight Backpacking Gear

    I'd guess anyone would agree that a light load is better than a heavy load, but we're not always extreme ounce-counting fanatics here. Sometimes I'd rather carry a few extra pounds so I can eat well, sleep comfortably, and be safe in bad weather. Want to shave 5 pounds of wear and tear off your knees when you go backpacking? Maybe eat fewer cheeseburgers and waffles. Whether the weight is around your stomach or in your backpack, your knees aren't going to know the difference.

    But, on really long treks, every pound counts. We have some choice gear that is really light but doesn't sacrifice comfort and safety. If you're going on a long or strenuous trip where those extra pounds matter, try to incorporate some of this gear into your mix - it's the lightest we carry within their respective categories. Also, if you want to get some weight off your back and knees, take along trekking poles you'd have to shave at least 10 - 15 pounds off your back to get the same effect as backpacking with a good set of poles.

    It's easier to hike light in the summer as you'll have less clothing to pack around, and packing a bear canister where required can eat up a lot of pack space. Lastly, you probably don't want to rent a small, lightweight pack unless you also rent a lightweight bag, pad and tent. If you have any questions on what combination of gear would work best for your trip, just give us a call.

  • Mt Whitney Camping Gear

    Mount Whitney is the highest summit in the contiguous United States with an elevation of 14,505 feet, and is a very popular destination/event for hikers and backpackers to knock off their "to-do-someday" list. It is located at the boundary between California's Inyo and Tulare counties in the beautiful Sierras. The summit is the southern terminus of the John Muir Trail which runs 211.9 miles from Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley.  (see a trip report on the JMT  by the owner of LowerGear)

    The most popular route to the summit is by way of the east-side Mount Whitney trail which starts at Whitney Portal, 13 miles from Lone Pine. This hike is about 22 miles round trip with an elevation gain of over 6,100 feet. You can also reach the summit from the west side approach accessed from the John Muir and Pacific Crest Trails. Permits are required year round, and to prevent overuse a limited number of permits are issued by the Forest Service between May 1st and November 1st.

    Some hikers make the up-and-back trek in the same day, but if you want to camp overnight during the trip, we have everything you need. Bear canisters, lightweight tents, sleeping bags and packs, trekking poles and more. We can ship to your home before your trip, or even have the gear waiting for you in Lone Pine if you prefer. If you'd like advice about your upcoming Whitney hike give us a call.... I've been up and down it several times, and will be glad to share some pointers. Below is a selection of some of the gear you might need, or to see a complete list, click here)