"Just" a Rimx2 is a very difficult day hike from one side of the Grand Canyon to the other.  The classic route South to North is about 21 miles along the South and North Kaibab Trails of the Main Corridor.   The common route North to South is down the North Kaibab and out Bright Angel, which is about 23 miles.  RimX3 is a ridiculous double-down on the challenge when you do both on the same day.  Elevation change is more than 5,000 feet up and down, each way.  Compare that to the infamous Heartbreak Hill on the Boston Marathon route - that is a mere pimple at about a 100' gain.  And a big chunk of this path is above 5,000', so altitude is a complicating factor on top of the distance and climbs.  The profile going South to North and back - 44+ miles - looks something like this nightmare:

canyon elevation profile

If you want to join the small band that enjoy such madness, you might as well be as prepared as possible.

Knowing how to best meet the many physical, mental and logistic challenges of endurance events is critical to your best performance. We offer an occasional free workshop at our retail store - or sometimes just a general one-on-one chat - to show how to make it as "easy" as possible.  Some of the things we go over - in about an hour or so depending on questions:

"¢ Endurance-specific training tips for gym and trail
"¢ Suggested local routes for simulation training
"¢ Pros and cons of various Rim departure times
"¢ Managing trailhead logistics at the Park
"¢ How to meet food and water requirements
"¢ Trail conditions to expect, by season
"¢ Trek gear, clothing and supply recommendations
"¢ How to control your head when your body says "I quit"

The workshop or chat is led by me - Dallas Shewmaker, Owner of this web site and our retail store LowerGear Outdoors.  A few years ago I started longer distance Canyon hiking with a couple of down-to-the-river-and-back day hikes; then a RimX2 each way at different times, and then 7 years in a row I did the RimX3 around my birthday - in an effort to mess with Father Time and Mother Nature I guess.  On my 60th, I made it the trip in a PR 16 hours, but alas, that one did me in, so probably won't be in a for a repeat.  For those younger that like the challenge, the real benefit of the hike is all the training for it you feel compelled to do beforehand - a great motivation to stay in shape.  We have lots of great gear if you're planning to tackle it, and the free advice is just gravy - stop on by!