Raffle tickets for a new 2022 Hobie Compass!

Published : 2022-07-21 15:00:55
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Raffle tickets for a new 2022 Hobie Compass!

Here's your chance to win a 2022 Hobie Compass kayak while supporting the efforts of Ukraine. Why are we involved in this particular issue?  It's the right side to be on, and to be honest our owner is old enough to note the other guys have been on the wrong side of everything all his life.  So he decided to donate this kayak to the Ukrainian cause, and Hobie corporate is paying for all the administrative expenses associated with the drawing.  That means a full 100% of your raffle ticket cost goes to Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a Ukrainian charity dedicated to providing aid to the Ukrainian people and medical rehabilitation of their soldiers. You can help by purchasing one raffle ticket for only $10, and they are available at even a lower cost if bought in bundles.  It's not like we're going to sell thousands of these tickets, so your odds of winning this new Hobie kayak aren't too bad!  But it's a great cause and easy to support even if you don't win the kayak.

The kayak we are giving away is a Hobie Compass in Seagrass Green, custom wrapped with the Ukraine coat of arms pattern.  It's eye-catching as is, but  the wrap is easily removed if you want.  The Compass retails for $2599, and has been one of Hobie's best selling models since it was introduced several years ago - stable enough for anglers, while still a great performer for recreational kayakers.  Learn more about the Hobie Compass on its product page on our web site. 

Visit www.hobie.com/ukraine or scan the QR code in the pics to buy ticket(s) via a simple online process or to get more information on the relief fund and the drawing (in September).  Stop by the store any time to check out this kayak, or call us at 480-348-8917 for more information.  When buying, be sure to specify our dealer location as the desired pickup point!

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