Camp Table Cloth

Add some class to the picnic table, and cover up whatever that gross mess is from the last campers. See full product details below.


This serves the same purposes as the white linen table cloth at the steak house back in the civilized world - it covers up whatever unknown lies underneath.  At the campground, you can see what's there on arrival, and it isn't always pretty.  So using this inexpensive bright red-checked vinyl table cloth will be a lot easier than trying to clean up after the many crews that came before your family.  

The cloth is 72" x 54", big enough to cover up most tables.  There's no heavy backing on this inexpensive version, so it may want to slide around some.  Once you set the stove or plates down on it though, it ought to stay put.  For 5 bucks, it's cheap enough to use it for your current trip and pitch it when your camping trip is over.  Or if you're a tightwad like me, hose it off at home, let it dry, throw some character-building duct tape on the inevitable tears and use it again next time.

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