Camping accessories pack

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You can bring all this from home, or raid a Walmart before your trip, or just save some time and energy and pick this up from us.  This package may not be everything you need on a camping trip, but you won't be wasting money on anything in it you can't find a good use for.  We just curated a one-stop package for you to shorten the time pre-shopping down many aisles at some crowded big store.  and if you run the match on all we provide, you'll see the pricing is competitive with any general retailer you might find all these items. Included in this package are the following new items:

Camp towel - handy quick dry style that doesn't take of much room but very absorbent
Salt / pepper - about 25x each of salt and pepper packets like at fast food places;  enough for most camping trips
Toilet paper - one good roll to get you started
Paper towels - one good roll to get you started
Matches - one box of waterproof strike matches
Paracord - 50 foot roll for clothes, guylines, tarp support, etc
First aid kit - good quality kit we've sold for years for backpacking and camping trips
Trash bags - 2 medium sized 
Zip locs - 5 quart-sized "baggies"
Caribiner - 2 light-load ones for hanging, cinching, supporting your stuff

Add this purchase (note a rental; yours to keep) to your gear rental (tents, etc) and couple with the many other tools we offer such as dining sets, cooking tools, camping  ax or saw, pots and pans, etc.  See miscellaneous rental options and more supplies at these categories:

Cooking gear and supplies
Various rental tools and accessories
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