Right on Trek Backpacking Meals


Backpacking dehydrated food has improved a lot in recent years.  We can now find many new offerings from long-time industry leaders and many new players have added their twist to the dehydrated food flavors and mixes.  Everybody has upped their game, and while no one will confuse these meals with fine dining, they're actually much better than expected.  

Right on Trek is a company in Montana that offers a variety of outdoors services to beginner and veteran backpackers alike, and has really found a niche in the backpacker food segment.  Big servings, big tastes, and healthy ingredients - they check all the boxes.

We carry a few of their best sellers, and several of the staff here can confirm they hit the spot.  If you've never had a particular meal before, we suggest ordering no more than one of any given meal for a trip - we have other trail food options on our site here you can mix, match and contrast - make backcountry dining an adventure!

All of our packages are the 2-serving size, so lots of calories in each to fuel you down the trail.

Learn more in the video below:

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