Tyvek Sheets for Tents, Tarps and Shelters

Make your own Tyvek tents, tarps and other outdoor uses. See full product details and cut-length suggestions below.


Tyvek is not just for houses these days. It's very popular in the outdoor world as well - very light, tough, waterproof - and washable. Use it for a superlight but strong footprint for your rental tent or create your own lightweight shelter of any shape or size. Use a leftover piece as a gear mat in front of any tent you might rent from us, or a back-country seat cover or table mat. We sell a lot of it for every imaginable use. Custom order just what you need to make your own Tyvek tent or Tyvek tarp for lightweight camping. 

Our Tyvek is cut from a 9 foot long roll, and you just need to select the set length that best meets your needs from the dropdown box.  For example, the smallest sheet for any practical use would be a 3' section off of this 9' roll to get you a piece 3' x 9', and on down our list up to 12' x 9'.  If you want more, we can custom cut to any length you need; just give us a call for that and we'll handle it over the phone.  We'll box it up and ship via Fedex.  Local customers can come in to the store and get any length cut to order at $3.50 per linear foot.

Sure, it would be cheaper at Home Depot . . . . as long as you are willing to buy a minimum 150 feet of it. So we're the better deal when you just need a smaller piecve of Tyvek for your project.  

Tips - throw it in your washer without detergent to make it more pliable and quieter - won't hurt its effectiveness.  If cutting to use as a ground cloth, set up the tent on top of the full piece and outline around the body.  Make your cut a few inches inside the outline so no material sticks out when the tent is setup.

The Tyvek we sell has printing on one side - that is the waterproof side - so you may want that facing the ground is used as aground cloth, and facing up if used as a shelter.  

Questions - just give us a call, or learn more about our Tyvek for tents, shelters and tarps in this video:

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