First Aid Kit - AMK Ultra Light .3 for camping

Don't let a small cut shorten your trip - get yourself patched up and continue on. See full product details below.


The camping gear we rent can keep you protected from the elements, but things can happen to you even with perfect gear.  Whether you create your own first-aid kit from supplies from home, or take a ready-made one such as this, just be sure to take something to patch yourself up when on the trail. It's not just a quick drive to the walk-in clinic when you're out hiking 10 miles from the nearest road. A simple cut, blister or burn is much more problematic when out in the woods, so be prepared for at least some basic protection. And rest assured, something will happen - you'll get attacked by a thorn bush; bang your shin on a rock; irritate a wasp; or get eaten by a bear.  This little pack can help with 3 out of every 4 problems.

We like this kit because it covers the basics and only weighs in at 3 ounces. Included are butterfly closure strips, antibiotic ointment, anesthetic /antiseptic towelettes, moleskin, sterile dressing, adhesive tape, other bandages, Ibuprofen, antihistamine, safety pins and a few other miscellaneous items. Hint- add a few Imodium pills, your insurance card, and a note listing any allergies and medications you're on to this list. Pack any daily prescription medications - enough for more days than you plan to be out - in a single waterproof container. The best protection against hurt - watch where you step; watch where you put your hands; wash hands frequently; be aware of what's around you. This is a purchased item, not a rental, so yours to keep. Keep handy in your car when not out on the trail.

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