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Feel better and lighter with less ground-in camping funk. See full product details below.


There's more value to being clean when on the trail than just smelling better to your partner. You'll sleep better, be less likely to develop rashes, be less attractive to bugs, and keeping yourself and your things clean will help reduce the presence of bacteria and other nasties. But a bar or Irish Spring or box of Tide won't cut it on the trail. This versatile camp soap is biodegradable, concentrated and can be used for cleaning hands, body, hair, clothing, dishes, and more. It is fragrance free and works in fresh or saltwater and in hot or cold temperatures. This camp soap comes in a small 2-ounce bottle, enough to last for several trips. Just a few drops from its convenient dispenser cap gives quick, effective suds. Not that you'll likely be taking a luxurious bath while on the trail, but a quick wash-off and rinse for yourself and/or your socks whenever you get the chance will do wonders for your disposition. We suggest carrying some of this soap, some waterless anti-bacterial handwash, and a few of those famous Moist Towelettes in your pack. Carry just enough to get you thru your trip; transfer to smaller bottles to reduce weight and space. For more info, see our tips on wilderness sanitation and cleanliness

If you are car camping and no big concerns about weight, you can really improve your life while camping and use the suds with these camping gear rental items:

Rent a Portable pressurized shower
Rent a Privacy shelter

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