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There are significant advancements in kayaking every few years, and one big change is in availability of motors and powered accessories like advanced fish finders, lights and even music!.  For many anglers a small 12v battery and some wire will run a basic fish finder, but others are now adding battery-operated motors, bow, stern  and cockpit lights, supplemental display screens, phone chargers and more. That requires more control switches and extensions to make it all manageable, and Yak Power is one of the best at providing off-the-shelf solutions for sport and angler kayaking.

We carry a wide range of YakPower accessories that feature plug-and-play compatibility with each other to simplify the install process.  Buy what you need from us and DIY, or we can do turnkey installation work for even the most advanced kayak wiring needs.  Commonly in stock are Yakpower lights, control switches, extension lines, and various battery and line connectors.  Stop by to check out our in-stock availability, or just give us a call.  We ship nationwide.  Specific parts we usually have on hand for sale and install include:

Battery Terminal Connector YP-BTP12
YP-BBK-PAK Power Adapter Kit
YP-BTP12 Battery Connector-12 Inwire
YP-ILS16 Waterproof Inline Switch
YP-LEDK-BLB2 LED Blue Button Light 2 pcs
YP-LEDK-BLG2 LED Green Button Light 2 pcs
YP-LEDK-BLR2 LED Red Button Light 2 pcs
YP-LEDK-BLW2 LED White Button Light 2 pcs
YP-LEDK-G220 LED Green 2 pcs
YP-LEDK-RG210 LED Green & Red
YP-LR360-PRO Lightning Rod
YP-PMC48S Panel Mount 48
YP-PMC96S Panel Mount 96
YP-RP5R Power Switch
YP-RP5W-OR Wireless Switch OR
YP-RP5WR Wireless Switch
YP-RP8R 8 Circuit Switch
YP-SAE-4 Power Plug  SAE-4 Inwire
YP-USB2 USB Dongle
YP-USBL USB Spot and Safety Light
YP-USBSL USB Spot & Safety Light

And we have all the batteries you would need for any kind of kayak power setup - Check out our battery options from Dakota Lithium.

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