YakAttack VisiCarbon Pro Kayak Light


Most states require kayaks and canoes to be equipped with a white light that is visible in every direction if the kayak is stopped in the water for fishing or other reason.  And, while not always required by law, a flag flttering overhead is abig boost in daytime visibility.  The combo safety poles from YakAttack solve both problems witha bright orange flag and bright white light sitting atop of a 4' pole that easily attaches to any standard gear track.  Pole breaks down with shock-corded pieces for easy storage when not in use.

  • Enhances your visibility day or night.
  • SilentSlip foam fits most flush mount and tubular rod holders.
  • 48" long deployed, 14" collapsed (collapsed unit stores inside flag).
  • LEDs burn 100 hours on 3 AA batteries (included); 10, 000+ hours lamp life.
We normally have two versions of the light in stock at our store - this one priced without a "mighty mount" base, and one with the base for +$5.  There is also one for $20 less that is one piece, not the shock corded, break-down model described above.  If interested in either version, just add anote to the 'comments box' at checkout and we will manually adjust the amount before charging.  We also stock replacemeet lens and other parts for this combo light.

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