YakAttack Tow Stow Kayak Cart


We sell several brands of kayaks, and with some models it's hard to find a good matching wheel cart for ease in transportation to and from the vehicle.  Yak Attack has just introduced a new one that offers a more universal fit than any we have seen in the past.  It features high rise and long bunks that will fit under any hull, including those deep-channelled models often found in models from Old Town and Feelfree.

The BarCart has really solid and durable design, with a huge 450 pound carrying capacity.  It is collapsible for easy storage and requires no tools to setup.  The bunks can be positioned either inline with the hull, or turned 90 degrees for a perpendicular fit under the hull.  When in teh horizontal position, the bunks will support even the widest of kayaks and even Jon Boats.  The tall wheels provide easy towing in most any terrain.  

Check out the photos and the video link below for more details!

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