Dakota Lithium Batteries


Dakota Lithium batteries are well known in the marine industry for their lightweight, but powerful output for any use on the water or road you may ever need.

Half the weight of "traditional" 12V batteries of comparable rating, lithium also offers the advantage of quicker charging and providing usable power down to the very last bit of charge on the battery.  

These are great on kayaks where every pound shaved counts, but strong enough to give you all day power for lights, fish finders or motors - just buy the size your manufacturer suggested for your device.  There's no problem going with a higher capacity amp hours that what is recommended, but no need to waste money on overkill - you don't need the heavier, more expensive 100AH battery if all you are powering is a fish finder.  On the other hand, don't get a 18AH battery to run a kayak motor - you won't get far!

Select your capacity size 12 volt from the dropdown, and we also have different types of battery chargers for sale as well if needed.  The 54 and 100AH models come with a charger already.  for wiring and light installs, check out our selection of components from YakPower.

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