Ketch X 26" Measuring Board for sale


Beyond the fun and Zen of just being out in nature on the water, kayak fishing "success" is usually measured in the length of the catch, not so much the weight.  Most kayak anglers follow the catch-photo-release philosophy to maintain a good stock of game fish in their favorite waters - let the next guy have a shot as well.  The survival rate for a kayak angler's catch is usually pretty high.

To keep up with your personal record or to have an qualified catch for a tournament, you need one of these measuring boards.  There are a variety of boards out there, but the Ketch model has gained rapid acceptance in the kayak fishing world due to the clear inch-line markings, the "trough" design, and the virtually unbreakable aluminum construction.

  • Tether holes CNC machined on the fence end
  • High color contrast that is easy to read and extremely durable
  • Tournament numbers on top of Kradle edge
  • Ketch Kradle incorporated into board - all one piece
  • Widened fence
  • Roughly 4 5/8" x 27"
Select your color of choice with the drop-down box above.  

If you are a frequent tournament entrant, the handy optional score card holder you can select above will help you make sure you meet the typical photo requirement of having your ID in the submitted image.  It securely attaches to the board, but can be moved along the board as needed for your photo.  See photos for an example.  Available at less than retail when purchase with the board - just $19 additional.

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