Hobie H-Crate


The Hobie H-Crate is a great organizer tool, with plenty of room for fishing gear, keeping it all in one easy-to-reach space. It's easily removable for transporting your tackle and gear and the H-Rail carrying handles are great mounting platforms for H-Rail accessories, like cameras, rod holder, tackle boxes, etc. Each wall of the H-Crate has a grid of recessed mounting points for even more accessory mounting. There are built-in rod holders with bungee retainers on the four corners. Comes withfour nylon tie-down straps to secure it to your kayak padeyes. The skid pads on the bottom of the H-Crate help dampen sound and keep the crate from sliding.

The outer dimensions of the "regular" H-crate are roughly 17" x !4" x 13" for an easy fit in most fishing kayak tankwells.  The "junior" size is shorter on one side, at approximately 14" x 14" x 13" if you want something with a smaller footprint on your kayak floor.  The available interior space on each is 1" - 2" less on the width and length sides, depending on what types of items you are storing.  Both are lightweight at 5-6 pounds. 

A zippable soft cover is also available as an option for both sizes to keep the contents secure in case of a spill.

  • Keeps your gear organized and accessible
  • H-Rail carry handles allow mounting of all H-Rail accessories
  • Recessed mounting points on all four walls
  • Rod holders at each corner
  • Assembles and breaks down quickly using a Phillips srewdriver

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