Hobie Wheel Carts


Wheels were a great invention for lots of good reasons, and that applies to lugging your kayak around as well.  Whether to move your kayak from vehicle/trailer to the garage, or down a sandy beach from the parking lot, the right wheel cart can be a real big help, especially if you are by yourself.  While called an accessory, in reality they are a necessity - most sit on top kayaks are too heavy to carry solo, and you don't want to be dragging them around on hard ground.

One wise thing about Hobie construction is that the distance between scupper tubes behind the seat is exactly the same across all models, so that all their carts are interchangeable between models.  The scupper tubes are also reinforced for added strength, to withstand any sudden movement with the uprights on the carts.  There are several cart styles to choose from - select with the dropdown options above - and the best choice for you will depend on the weight of the kayak/gear and the type of terrain you are most commonly on.

The original, and most popular choice in most areas is the Heavy Duty Cart.  Welded steel frame with no-air, foam-filled tires.  Great for transporting across typical hard or rocky surfaces, but tends to sink some in loose sand if the kayak is heavy.  Similar frame but with lighter-duty tires is Hobie's Standard Cart - suitable for Passports, Lynx, Compass and Rev 11 as examples.

Second in popularity is the Fold and Stow model.  Slightly wider/flatter tires are still no-air, but not quite as rugged as those on the HD carts.  These tires are a bit better on loose sand, but not as good as the next model below.  Another big advantage is portability - the wheels pop off by pressing a button and the uprights are shock-corded, so it packs down in a small footprint for storage inside most hulls if you want to maximize your above-hull cargo space.  

If you are often on sand, then consider a cart with "sand wheels" - real low psi tires that better float on top of sand rather than sinking in.  There are 2 tire sizes available - one about 9" in diameter (Trax 2) and one about 10.5" (Trax 2-30).  Use the latter for heavier, wider, more fishing-intense kayaks like the Outback and Pro Angler.

Hobie inflatables and the pedal-drive SUP Eclipse use carts with narrower uprights, so they cannot use the same cart as the plastic models.  The uprights on these Inflatable/Eclipse carts fit into molded holes in the drive well in the hull, so you generally use the back handle to pull these kayaks along.

Still not certain which Hobie cart is best for you?  Give us a call 480-348-8917 or check out this video we did a few years ago for more details:

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