Yakattack BlackPak Pro Crate


YakAttack has made gear crates for kayaks for a long time, but now has a new substantially improved version(s) with options suitable for most any kayak angler. The BlackPak Pro is the result of intense collaboration and more than a year of R&D and design. It is fully riggable with features like a hinged lid, weight reduction, and high-level functionality.

There are 3 sizes to choose from to easily find the best balance between the hull space on your kayak and the amouint of gear you want to store on your fishing adventures.  The listed dimensions are all external; subtract about an inch from each for the relevant interior space.  Add about 3" to external sizes if adding  any of the rod holders.All rod holders have retaining bungees to keep your gear secure.

13 x 13":  includes 3 rod holders
13 x 16": includes 4 rod holders
16" x 16":  includes 6 rod holders

The TetherTube rod holders mount to the sidewall panels in any of the endless heights and angles available that suit you best.

Tankwell Security Rubber feet offer noise dampening and isolation, while Omni corner brackets enable multiple hold-down methods - straps or bungees of your choice.

MADE IN THE USA and built with a lifetime guarantee.

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