Kayak Motor - Newport Vessel NK180




The NK180 brushless kayak motor offers excellent performance and power to any kayaker wanting to increase their range or efficiency on the water - works on both fresh and saltwater bodies.

In 24V mode, the motor can be powered with one lightweight 24V battery, or by two 12-volt models hooked together (we sell 12V Dakota lithiums that can work well). 

Steering cables can be set up to turn the motor like a rudder using your kayak's OEM mounted foot braces, or a pin can lock the motor in a forward drive position and you can use the kayak's existing rudder.  

These motors will bolt directly to a 4 bolt PowerPole style stern mount, or can be installed into the deck of a kayak. The mount pivots freely to pass over underwater obstacles, but the durable aluminum motor head is ready for the ones you don't see.   Some kayaks have the 4-hole pattern built in, and third-party mounts are available for many models.  Other models can be drilled as long as there is a flat space near the stern for the included mount.  These major brands are just a few that have several models that are compatible with this motor:

Old Town

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