Hobie Passport XL Rudder Upgrade


One of the ways Hobie kept the price lower on its Passport models was a rudder control setup that frankly wasn't the most convenient - it worked fine, but you did have to remember to deploy the rudder before taking off from the beach.  Now available to buy is a new rudder that replaces the original with an up/down line cord you can control from the cockpit seat.  

It's a rudder version found on some of their other models, so it is proven to work great after a quick and easy install -a pair of pliers, screwdriver and 10 minutes will do it.  It's bigger than the original, so you can expect quicker turns and better tracking as well.

This XL rudder upgrade will work on any year Passport, and on both the 10.5 and 12 foot models.  Learn more in the video below:


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