Hobie H-Bar Pro Angler


Makes for a noticeable improvement in stability on a Hobie Pro Angler kayak.  Helps operators with cranky knees more easily stand-up/sit down; makes entry and exiting at a dock easier; give you something to lean up against while casting.  Works with all H-Rail accessories for any add-ons you need.  No drilling required to install.

Made from clear-coated anodized aluminum, the H-Bar is light, strong, and quiet.  Easily adjusted to change the height and/or distance from the seat.  Folds down out of the way when not needed. Hobie SKU 84500114.

H-Bars are also available for several other Hobie models - including the 
Passport, Compass and Outback as examples. Call us at the store for availability of stands for other kayak models.

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