Gregory Packs


We've been selling and renting Gregory alpine packs and hiking daypacks for more than 20 years, and really like their comfortable fit and well-designed features.  Rarely the lightest options, but the few extra ounces are usually invested in comfort features like strong frames and additional cushioning in the shoulder straps and hip belts.  If you need to carry heavier weights in relative comfort, the Gregory pack lines are hard to beat.  Recent additions to their line include their "Plus" series, designed for larger bodies.

Prices vary by model, but some of the packs we offer in store in Tempe (and we can ship to you via phone order) include:

• Stout 60 Backpack

• Paragon 58 Backpack

• Stout 70 Plus Backpack

• Amber 65  Plus Backpack

• Baltoro 65 Backpack

• Deva 60 Women's Backpack

• Arrio 22 Plus Daypack

• Citro 30 Plus Daypack

Call for more information and specific pricing for anything we have in stock.

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