Osprey Packs


A lot of outdoor brands are pretty much unknown to the casual consumer that isn't particularly engaged in outdoor recreation, but Osprey might be an exception.  They have a broad range of goods for outdoor adventures but also travel gear which exposes their brand to a broader audience.  The Osprey packs we carry are popular, which just by itself is a bad reason to buy one.  But, they are popular due to their relative light weight, broad range of models, style and colors, and good craftsmanship - now those are good reasons to buy one of their travel, overnight and day hiking packs we carry:

• Aether 70 Backpack

• Atmos 65 Backpack

• Ariel 55 Women's Backpack

• Farpoint 40 Travel Pack

• Ozone 36 Travel Pack

• Talon 22 Day Pack

• Stratos 34 Day Pack

• Skarab 30 Day Pack

• Hike Lite Day Pack

• Poco Child Carriers

There are more, and the mix changes, so just give us a call.  We can ship anything in stock via a quick phone order.  We also rent Osprey packs.

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