Mons Peak Backpacking Cooking Set


Mons Peak isn't as well known as say Jetboil or MSR, but their compact, modular stove and cookset combos offer some real advantages in function and cost.  We've rented and sold several Mons Peak products and customers find them easy to use and a great value.  This stove and pot set is no exception.

Trail 123 is High Efficiency Ultra-Light Cook Set with High Performance and Breeze Resistant Stove for Backpacking and Camping use. Ultra-compact stackable system allows for minimalist, solo 1P, 2P or 3P use depending on configuration. Fuel canister and included stove fits neatly inside the pots to minimize space used in your pack.

  • Compact ultralight hard anodized aluminum cookware and stove set for backpacking camping and mountaineering
  • Fully nesting and modular design is ideal for field carry and use by 1-3 persons depending on the configuration to lessen carry weight
  • Set includes total of 4 pots - two heat exchanger pots and two regular pots which also double as covers and pans, plus 1 10,200 BTU stove that uses any common backpacking fuel canister.
  • Super fast best in industry water boil times with HE Pots
    • With the large pot - 1 liter at 2 min 40 sec
    • with the small pot - 1/2 liter at 1 min 20 sec
With the cookware set you have multiple options - take just the small pot for one, or you can take the larger one, or both, for a bigger group.  You can alternatively rent this multi-pot stove set for a weekend or full month!

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