Rent a Camp Axe

Bring a flannel shirt and split some wood. See full product details below.


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $5.00
  • 7 Days $7.00
  • 14 Days $9.00
  • 21 Days $11.00
  • 1 Month $13.00

We follow and encourage others as well to Leave No Trace, which means don't use this ax to cut down living trees and branches for firewood, nor litter the ground with your chopped-off toes.  In other words, be smart and careful when using an axe.  That said, there are some handy uses around the camp site, mainly for cutting firewood down to more manageable sizes or for startup kindling.  Can use the blunt end for getting stakes into tough ground.  

We have other camping tools available to rent as well, including a portable shovelfolding saw and mallet.

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