Rent Ratsack Steel Mesh Storage Bag for Food Protection

Squirrels, ravens and mice might otherwise make a fine meal out of your grub. See full product details below.


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $15.00
  • 7 Days $18.00
  • 14 Days $21.00
  • 21 Days $25.00
  • 1 Month $28.00

How this works...

The first thing to mention is that this bag is NOT suitable to rent as food protection in bear country!!! Use our bear cans if you're heading into the bears' backyard.

These stainless steel mesh bags for rent are meant to keep pesky mice, birds, chipmunks and other rodents and varmints that like to steal and peck away at your food stash. These are real popular for use in any area where there isn't a big bear problem, but that doesn't have any ammo cans or other protective barriers at the camp sites. Desert and canyon territory for example. We rent these a lot to backpackers headed down into the Grand Canyon Park and Havasupai.

We rent a few different brands and sizes in this line, most commonly the "Rat Sack" sized about 18"x14" that weighs about 8 ounces, or 2 smaller-sized bags that total the same space; either way you can carry several days of food in the single or the 2-set.  It's hard to get much more specific as there are too many variables in what backpackers take for food and how they pack it.  

Here are some quick tips on using this for protection against a hungry furry or feathered nuisance:
-Must be hung OUT OF REACH to be effective against larger animals, but works fine against smaller critters.
-Using an odor proof bag to store any food will greatly help to deter the larger animals
-Do NOT over-stuff the bag.

Learn more about using this food-protection item before you rent it.

For further information see video below:

Weight 0.5
Camping style Multi-Use

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