Rent a Folding Shovel


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $5.00
  • 7 Days $7.00
  • 14 Days $9.00
  • 21 Days $13.00
  • 1 Month $18.00

Shipping Rates

You won't be planting a garden on your next camping trip, but a shovel can definitely come in handy - dig up that one rock that's in your way of the perfect spot to pitch your tent; have close by to put out your camp fire; smooth out some snow when winter camping; or help get your vehicle out of a jam if you are off road.  And if you got stuck with latrine duties, here you go.  

This shovel we rent is the Gorge model from Gerber - well made to handle most camping duties.  Just around 9" in storage mode, it extends to over 16" in use.  Weighs under 2 pounds, and the handle end is designed to be used as a hammer if needed.  

We have other handy camping tools you can rent, including a camp saw, hatchet, and a mallet.

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