Portable Camping Fan


Base Rental Rates

  • 3 Days $14.00
  • 7 Days $18.00
  • 14 Days $21.00
  • 21 Days $26.00
  • 1 Month $31.00

While some camping can be a bit chilly, on a hot summer night a bit of a breeze can feel pretty darn good, and the white noise of a fan can make it easier to doze off.  

This fan/light combo solves a couple of problems - its 8" fan blades move air at 3 different speeds, plus it has a ring LED light allowing it to double as a camping lanten.  The light has 3 brightness settings as well.

The combo is powered by a rechargeable battery, and even has a timer on it to cut off after a time of your choosing.  Recharges with a standard USB cable.  Run time of course depends on your fan speed and light brightness settings, but it can range over 20 hours or so at the lower settings.  There is a battery-life indicator on it so you can see how you are doing on remaining power.

Set it on a picnic table or tent floor, hang it from a loop above, or clip onto something - it has several styles of mounts.

Best for car camping, but at under 2 pounds, could be taken on shorter backpacking trips as well.

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