Rent a Heavy Duty Canvas Duffle Bag

Sometimes a backpack isn't what you need. That's where the duffle comes in. See full product details below.


How this works...

This isn't a backpack, but it may be just the item you need to lug around a lot of gear for camping or airline travel.  It's big enough to swallow up a full sized backpack, so it's a great way to check your backpack, wilderness gear and civilization attire with an airline without worrying about your pack's straps and belts getting hung up in the luggage conveyors.  The material is a heavy duty canvas - even if you max out its roughly 80 liter size with heavy gear, it will handle it.  Overloading your shoulders may be another story.

A full length zipper, four external packets, and an adjustable shoulder strap offer quick access and comfortable carrying. This Jumbo Black Cargo Bag is the right choice for packing just about anything. 

• Made of heavy duty 22 oz. cotton canvas
• Two web carry handles in center
• Adjustable shoulder strap
• Reinforced stress points
• Full length zipper for easy access
• Size: 34” x 16” x 15”
• Four external pockets

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