Backpacking and Hiking Sun Hats


We're in Arizona, land of heat and 300+ however number of sunny days each year.  There are also a lot of skin doctors around here, so we do our best to keep them less busy with our lines of protective hats and caps.

For the best protection against damaging sun rays while hiking, backpacking, fishing or other outdoor recreational activities, we suggest taking a cue from the guys that WORK all day in the sun - roofers, landscapers,highway workers etc.  Note they all cover up well with long sleeves and pants, and make sure their neck is covered either by a flap hanging down, a bandana, or a really wide-brimmed hat.  That's what our line of hats ans caps offer.

The specific models we have on hand vary from time to time, but generally we feature several models from Sunday Afternoons, Alchemi, Hobie, Huk and others.  Styles include wide-brimmed straw hats, trucker caps with neck drapes, and brimmed hats with drapes.  You won't win any fashion awards, but their potential dorkiness beats melanoma, so there's that. Stop on by or give us a call to see what we have on hand before that next all-day outing.  We ship nationwide as well.

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