FITS Light Hiker Crew and Quarter Socks


One day I was at the industry's Outdoor Retailer Show and sat down on the floor to give the feet a rest and some guy at a booth across the aisle calls me over - "You look tired; come over and try out these new socks."  I was sold in 5 minutes by the guys at FITS socks - they were the most comfortable ones I had ever worn.  That was 10 years ago, and we've been selling their hiking and backpacking models ever since.

Repeat customers drive over from the other side of town to pick these up - and in Phoenix metro, that's a long haul.  Why - sized to fit any foot, never bunch up, hug the heels, quick dry and merino wool comfort.  

We mostly carry the "Light Hiker" models in quarter (just over the ankle height) and crew (about 2 inches taller).  If you wear low cut hiking boots, both the quarter and crew works.  Most hikers wearing mid-cut boots will prefer the crew length.

Stop in our store to see what color combos are available for a particular size and style or if ordering online we'll ship what's available or call to see what's here before ordering if you are greatly concerned about your sock colors in the back country.  And if the latter, may I recommend a good therapist!

We offer free shipping on this product if an add-on to any other purchase or rental product, or if more than one pair is purchased.  A single pair of socks as the only item in the cart will incur a shipping charge from Fedex.  

Select your sock height, foot size and shipping preferences with the dropdowns.  Happy feet!

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