Huk Icon X Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt


Huk is one of the most popular brands out there for sun-protective apparel, with an SPF of 30-50 (the darker blends are higher).  Well known in the angler world, these shirts are great for hiking, backpacking, gardening, or just hanging out on sunny days.  High wicking capacity and rapid drying helps keep you cooler even on the hottest days.  Also, makes a comfortable underlayer on those cool mornings you're out on the water before first light.

This model is the Icon X Refraction Camo Fade, available in the San Sal or Ice Boat color patterns.  Huk SKU is H1200288.  Hover over the images to see those color patterns.  If you prefer a little more protection and warmth, consider our Huk Icon X hoodie version, or grab a one of Huk's protective, one-size-for-all fishing caps to go along with it!

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