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User Guide - Flashlight 1
3 Days $29.00
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14 Days $39.00
21 Days $49.00
1 Month $55.00
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Tent - 2-person Tent for Backpacking


Tent - 1-person Tent for Backpacking

These tents are designed for one person, typically for a backpacking trip where minimum gear weight and size-in-your-pack are important. If you want to share a tent with a friend (warning - make sure it's a close friend with any 2-person tent), or just want more room for yourself, check into renting a 2-person backpacking tent. If you are car camping where space and weight are not an issue rent a 2-person car camping tent instead.

These tents are rated as "Three-Season", but with aerodynamic design and low profile should protect you just fine even in high, cold winds if it is well staked. Heavy snows could be a problem if allowed to stack up on top. If you find yourself in a heavy snow one night, you should get up every now and then and brush it off. A few inches shouldn't hurt it.

We have had a range of options in this line over the years, mostly from Sierra Designs. Our current offering is the Flashlight 1, an innovative and lightweight tent with some great features (accompanying videos may be for an older model, but you'll get the concept). It has one large side door for easy entry, with a hybrid single/double wall structure that minimizes weight while ensuring great ventilation. It does require staking - it is not free-standing like some tents we rent - so keep that in mind if you're going to be on sheer rock or frozen-solid terrain. You might prefer one from our ultralight series, which at the moment are often free-standing, as are our current 2-man tents.

The Flashlight 1 weighs in at a bit over 3 pounds, but you can save several ounces by using your hiking poles as part of the vertical support and leave the provided upright tent poles at home. You do know the wonderful benefits of hiking poles, don't you? It is about 90" long; 32" wide up front; and has a high peak of 46".

We carry a few even lighter tents if you're counting every ounce, such as our ultralight models from Big Sky International. Models like that from some of the specialized ultralight tent brands we work with can be a little trickier to setup, and aren't intended for harsh landscapes unless you're experienced in that type of backpacking. It does save a few ounces and takes up a little less room in the pack.

We have lots of advice about the great outdoors including more information on tents and shelters for camping and backpacking such as how to choose the best tent and how to find and make a good camp site. Feel free to call us anytime at 866-994-4537 with any question about your camping and backpacking gear rental needs!

For some third-party user reviews of this and other gear we rent and sell, visit our backpacking and camping user gear review page.

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